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Roctec EMI, RFI and EW Systems and Materials

Simple Cost-Effective Counter-Measures To Negate Cyber Security Threats
A Range Of Soft and Hard Enclosures and Shelters, Blankets, Pouches, Cases and Protective Clothing

NEW - EMI/RFI 'Pop-Up' Lightweight Signal Security Shelter

1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m 'Pop-up' signal security shelter. Work on and with your electronic devices, secure in the knowledge that unwanted listeners cannot eavesdrop. Takes one person less than 30 seconds to deploy. Folds into a bag 1m x 0.2m and weighs 5 Kg (weight may vary slightly dependant on the selected bulkhead communications portal). Ideal for the user on the move, whether from hotel-to-hotel or changing field locations.

EMI/RFI Portable Signal Security Shelters

2.7m x 3.6m and 7.3m x 4.8m portable enclosures using single-piece aluminium frames. Other sizes available. One-person set-up, takes ten to twelve minutes. Operational space for C3 (Command, Control and Communications) or COOP (Corporate Continuity of Operations) tasks. Supporting lighting, heating, cooling or HVAC systems as well as rugged power systems available for worldwide use. Power and signal panels configured to customer requirements. Six-sided structure, optional foyer arrangement.

EMI/RFI Airbeam Signal Security Shelters

2.1m x 2.1m and 4.5m x 6m lightweight and portable fabric shelters using quick-erect airbeam frames to provide fast and easy access to a shielded environment where computers and other communications equipment can be operated without the threat of electronic eavesdropping.

EMI/RFI Signal Security Pouches

A complete range of fabric pouches which offer excellent screening properties to isolate all types of common-use devices (mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and computers). Negate the risk of remote eavesdropping, and infection by RF-borne threats. Specific versions available for forensic applications as well.

EMI/RFI Personal Protection Suit

Two-piece full covering shielded body suit for personnel working in high EM environments. Protects against  tissue heating, stimulation of nerves, muscles or sensory organs as well as indirect bio-physical effects such as interference with cardiac pacemakers.

EMI/RFI Composite Mobile Shelter

A hard-wall shielded building system made from fast assembly 2.4m x 1.2m panels that clip together. Ballistic and thermal signature protection can also be built-in if required. Doors and windows, as well emergency escape hatches, can be incorporated in the design. Air-portable. The buildings are compatible with the Defencell and MAC Gabion Protection systems.

EMI/RFI Materials

Selected materials designed and used by us are available to other fabricators. This includes our 'sticky wallpaper' textile shielding fabric.

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 20 Jan 14


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