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Defencell Force Protection

'a cross between sandbags and gabions, but with all the pros and none of the cons'

Above - Soldier wearing a Roctec thermal ghillie behind a Defencell DT1 unit.

Roctec has been closely involved in the development of the Defencell Force Protection system. Now, we have integrated it with Roctec equipment to provide effective, ultra-light Outpost and OP systems. The combination allows the building of simple, protective structures, with a very low multi-spectral signature, in the harshest locations.

Defencell is an all-textile system that comprises honeycomb panels that you fill with sand, dirt, rocks - whatever is at hand.

Think of it as a cross between sandbags and gabions, it has the advantages of both, but none of the disadvantages.

You can cut, shape and fill to build consistent and effective blast, ballistic and fragmentation protection. Add the Roctec equipment and you are done.

Construction is similar to a child's building block set - it's as simple as that.

A single unit, weighing as little as 2 kg (or 9 lbs), is equivalent to about 220 sandbags, yet takes a couple of soldiers with shovels only 15 minutes to fill.

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 20 Jan 14


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